Prodi S-2 Kajian Pariwisata Gelar Seminar “International Retirement Migration and Tourism in Southeast Asia”

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Prodi Magister Kajian Pariwisata dan Prodi Doktor Pariwisata menggelar seminar tentang migrasi pensiunan internasional dan pariwisata di Asia Tenggara, Selasa, 24 Januari 2017, di Gedung Pascasarjana Unud, Denpasar. Menurut Kaprodi S-2 Kajian Pariwisata Unud, Prof. I Nyoman Darma Putra, seminar terbuka untuk umum, mulai pk. 16.00.

Pembicara tunggal dalam seminar adalah Dr. Paul Green, dosen antropologi pariwisata dari School of Social and Political Sciences, University of Melbourne. Paul banyak melakukan penelitian wisatawan pensiunan (identik dengan wisatawan lanjut usia) di Asia Tenggara, termasuk Malaysia dan Indonesia.

Belum lama ini, artikelnya tentang wisatawan lanjut usia di Ubud berjudul “Biomedicine and “Risky’ Retirement Destinations: Older Western Residents in Ubud, Bali”, dimuat di jurnal  Medical Anthropology.

About the speaker

Paul Green is Lecturer in Anthropology in the School of Social and Political Sciences. His research interests include kinship, personhood, migration and mobilities, nationalism and urban field methodologies. His PhD, which focused on the lives of Brazilian migrants living in Japan, merged theories of personhood, kinship and national ideology in a migration context.

Paul’s interests in kinship and migration have extended to research in Southeast Asia and a longitudinal, ethnographic project that focuses on the experiences of older, foreign migrants and retirees living in Malaysia and Indonesia. This research addresses how and in what ways such individuals and couples are making sense of everyday life in the context of relocation, transnational kinship dynamics, health care and governmental framings of migration and aging.

Paul is also focusing on the life experiences and mobility practices of digital nomads, or location independent professionals, in the context of theoretical concerns about mobility, self and place-making and the future of travel and work. This research involves multi-sited fieldwork at intersections of digital landscapes and place-based research in Southeast Asia and has been the subject of an interview with SBS World News about the increasing movement of Australian professionals to Asia. 

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